Notre Dame Must Never Become Notre Dumb

Preface: Due to January ’20 circumstances, NOT beyond Donald J. Trump’s control, he allowed coronavirus to, eventually, cancel Graduation Day ceremonies spanning the high school and college campuses, nationwide. To fill that void, let’s view a clip featuring some bygone pomp and circumstance… even though it did briefly go oft-script.

We now time travel back to Notre Dame’s Graduation Day ’17, where we witness college prez and Trump suck-up… Father John I. Jenkins… in the undignified position of kissing the collective Trumpian butt… doing so, so fervently and frequently one wonders…

• How could he still enunciate his lines / present his flat out lies through puckered up lips?
• Why didn’t the smooching noises drown out his words?

To say the least…

The guest speaker who Jenkins was introducing… one Michael Richard Pence… does not live up to the “man of principle” claim he had made. Same could be said about the naïve priest/prez. Hell, anyone trotting out their always inappropriate mancrush, for one Donald John Trump, is suspect.

To say the most…

That Notre Dame’s entire graduating class of ‘17 had not walked out on that guest-of-dishonor paints an unflattering portrait of all who did remain to scarf down the VP’s “vittles”. Granted, I did not “stay” to listen to his entire speech, but, would it be out of character for Pence to serve up his all-you-can-eat, heaping helpings of tainted with pro-Trumpian rhetoric, steaming verbal diarrhea? Regardless of what went down, it’s pretty safe to say he was not addressing critical thinkers.

I’m confident that I speak on behalf of everyone, who still knows what the real America stands for, when I say…

• We’re proud of the approximately 100 young people who did walkout on Pence.

Seeing how three years later, Trump’s chokehold on / asphyxiation of America is now even inclusive of the ventilator dependent COVID-19 patients and how the fake prez’s abject neglect had allowed the coronavirus to go on a rampage… one which, nearly half a year later, has rendered Live-and-In-Person Graduation Day ceremonies throughout America medically inadvisable / impossible, one wonders how Pence would be received today… i.e., were it even safe for him to address Notre Dame’s Class of ’20?

But, to return to 2017, while the graduates, who did sit through Pense’s chat, do possess diplomas that’ll attest to their being book smart, when it comes down to their being street smart?

• Let’s classify them as ill-prepared to make our world a better place to live in.

• It’s highly unlikely anyone who, no questions asked, falls in line to follow-the-leader will ever be able to discover meaningful answers that’ll secure an egalitarian, peaceful, prosperous, joyous, healthy, clean green society for us… for posterity.

Stay Safe… Stay Home… Stay Healthy!