Ed-ucating Words


By barren barons, worldwide, we’re misled
By values-famished, with egos well-fed
By ne’er-do-wells, who had cut class and fled
By those who enrich only rich folks, instead

Ill-gotten loot, rewards rich untold bread
These well-heeled heels, bed hop, hook up and wed
For filthy lucre’s allure, feel no dread
Fiscal fiascos; spilt ink; garish red

The road to damnation, fools fear not to tread
Around science, they can’t wrap their head
No research for vaccine. No curative med
Our health suffers; our lifeforce gets bled

From gross cauldrons, spring pathogens bred
From nose to nose novel virus gets shed
Like a wildfire, contagion gets spread
Dirt naps near; folks lie on their death bed

No well-wishing, loved ones allowed; it’s been said
As life that remains, dangles by fragile thread
When these words were first typed; were first read
Of 6 Million sick, 6 percent now lay dead


Stay Safe… Stay Home… Stay Healthy…