A Walk in the Park


Granted, it might only be garden variety gremlins, which have resulted in my recent, sporadic connectivity to the www. Or, perhaps, rather than my ISP upgrading their Internet infrastructure, too damned many of their corporate profits have been diverted / direct deposited to the greedy, CEO’s bank account?

Yet, how can anyone, ever again, so easily dismiss tech woes in this manner? After all…

A scant four days ago, we, of the whole web-interconnected world, had become eyewitnesses to the spectacle of what went down after Donald J. Trump illegally ordered American troops to attack Americans via a barbaric barrage of rubber bullets, flash grenades and tear gas, for the express purpose of [1] forcing these peaceable protestors out of Washington DC’s Lafayette Park and [2] just so he could lumber across the street to pose for a picture of him rising a Bible skyward.

The implication being what? That, just because God hadn’t lobbed a lightning bolt at him, it means He’s on his side?

What might we make of this? Such conduct smells of an autocrat who realizes that his one and only best shot at staying in power is to overthrow America. Of course, working towards that end, he’d need to silence, divide and conquer demonstrating Americans.

Inarguably, his severing the lines of rapid communication… rendering the www inaccessible… would certainly make such a task…

A walk in the park.