Why Can’t It Be Brains Over Brawn?


With ever-increasing frequency, police brutality has become the latest rage… George Floyd being the most recent fatality. Indeed, the video of his murder by a judge, jury and executioner cop, makes it damned near impossible for anyone to believe that good cops even exist anymore.

The totally justifiable, nearly palpable public outcry has poured out into the streets and is also getting infused, in real time, within our streamed, aired and blogged reportage. And all of that has translated out into our clear-cut, demographics spanning demand:


Public servants serve no one when they crack open skulls, fracture other bones, bruise and bloody human flesh… when they, far too damned frequently and ever so casually, resort to murder to quench their thirst for blood… to even further their own psychotic, ideological agendas.

Granted, no one could ever fault cops, who’ve been left no other choice but to defend themselves. Even so, it’s the brains over brawn favoring officers who always do their utmost to avoid, wherever / whenever possible, the use of deadly force.

However, there’s the flip side to that coin. Right on cue, are the incriminating videos, where we become eyewitness to cops assaulting / murdering arrestees, who have ALREADY been subdued!

Why the hell these officers could not calmly seat their prisoners in the back of their cruisers and promptly drive them off to jail, beats the hell out of us (hopefully… never literally).

How bad cops’ superiors respond to police brutality incidents typically involves their call for remedial action… a game-plan that’s tantamount to what? A game? A time out? After school detention? A slap on the wrist? A phoned in, paint by the numbers, crash course in sensitivity training? As if what? Cops can actually be taught to act civilized? Is that even possible?

Is that even wise?

And what if the lessons to be learned are not actually learned? Especially tough to ever fully overcome is that offensive, rolled eyes, smirking, scoffing, bad cop arrogance and aggression.

The time has arrived to reinvent, restaff and rebuild our state and local police departments. Due to the pandemic, at present, there are multiple millions of unemployed people. Amongst this vast untapped labor force, it should not be all that difficult to [1] secure worthy applicants, who possess within their heads, hearts and souls, the very innate intellect, sensitivity and civility required to protect humanity and [2] promptly hire them!


Stay Safe! Stay Home! Stay Healthy!