Ol’ Yuge Nates Celebrates His Natal Day

June 14th is Donald J. Trump’s 74th birthday. There is many an adage about how age and wisdom “walk” hand-in-hand. Alas, such sayings are not applicable to the fake prez. Hell, based upon his maturity level, most of us would expect to find only 4 lit candles atop his birthday cake… or is that 4 miniature, burning KKK crosses?

Stateside, June 14th is also Flag Day. One wonders if this national holiday, to honor the Stars and Stripes, will find the literal, flag hugger Trump “getting it on” with Old Glory (as seen in our above YouTube clip). If so, he could easily stain the Red, White and Blue with his Bozo the Clown, orange hued makeup… and that’d smack of desecration!

Beyond that? Well… seeing how, deep down, Trump pledges allegiance to Grand Wizard / Klansman David Duke… and the late, original fake prez, Jefferson Davis, would that not mean he’s been cheating on the Confederacy’s Stars and Bars (i.e. when he hugs the Stars and Stripes)? But let’s reserve further discussion of that for another blog, another day.

For countless weeks, leading up to the celebration of Donny’s bygone, non-blessed event, there has been a veritable blitzkrieg of shameless YouTube advertisements… i.e., begging / bullying fools to stroke the Birthday Boy’s preexisting, gargantuan ego by signing his natal day card and heaping on a S-load of accolades.

One has to wonder if his underlings have also, somehow, managed to sweet-talk porn star Stormy Daniels, into showing up, today, to spank his Fascist fanny 74 times with a rolled up magazine?

But, sarcasm aside, let’s put this entire birthday matter into the proper perspective… juxtapose it against the backdrop of the epidemiological, socioeconomic and environmental disasters, which have all gone down on Donny’s “watch”.

This past January, We the People had little choice but to stand by, helplessly, while being eyewitness to Donny’s barren of science, magical thinking, non-response to the looming coronavirus crisis. His grave error resulted in a national pandemic that will be damned near impossible to ever fully recover from… especially the nearly 118,000 dead Americans (and still counting), who, obviously, will not be celebrating their next birthdays.