Thank You!


My gratitude to you, the WordPress Crew, for providing this blogger both the platform and opportunity to express myself for the past 4+ years; for your meticulous record-keeping re the analytics and your dispatching such data, virtually, at the speed of light.

I’d especially like to thank you, the good people, the 401 followers and the countless visitors of this site, who deem my written and audiovisual content worthy of your precious time. Were it not for you, my posts would be little more than online word documents, and as such, I probably would not have posted more than once per month, if even that.

Beyond that, I’m appreciative, too, for our virtual togetherness during this global pandemic, which not only helps mitigate the spread of that godforsaken pathogen but also helps mitigate our feelings of isolation.

Stay Safe! Stay Home! Stay Healthy!