Dumb Donald’s Feet (Feats?)

For optimal enjoyment, prior to viewing the above clip, read onward…

From 1973 thru 1982, Match Game’s staff writers… endowed with cleverness and flirting with clairvoyance… were supplying emcee Gene Rayburn with a slew of fill-in-the-blank, off-beat scenarios for him to recite to the celebrity panelists, contestants and studio / TV-Land audiences.

Such storylines were inclusive of their fake character, Dumb Donald, who they portrayed as the hapless man stumbling clumsily and cluelessly through life… uh… not unlike how today’s Real Donald has been stumbling clumsily and cluelessly throughout his public and private life.

Let’s consider the specific “story problem” which “today’s” contestant Patty Currier will need to solve…

“Dumb Donald is really dumb. He’s so dumb, when he bought a pair of
saddle shoes, he was upset because they didn’t come with ________.”

Of course, the responses everyone, eventually, does come up with, don’t take into account how the saddle shoe is only called that because the styling resembles a saddle on a mount.

That duly noted, the big question becomes…

How do Dumb Donald’s footwear issues tie into the Real Donald’s probs? Well this does run the full gamut… ranging from silly to serious. Let’s check out two of his past “feats”, one he yearns to complete and one which freedom lovers, worldwide, hope to see him live out, once his Democratic rival trounces him come Election Day.

• Who could ever forget his ascent to Air Force One… uh… with paper stuck to his shoe… perhaps toilet paper?

• Then there was his descend the ramp dilemma due to his shoes with slippery soles.

• Seeing how the Real Donald lives vicariously through his militant goons, who wage war against peaceable protestors exercising their 1st Amendment rights, no videos featuring him decked out in hobnailed boots are available… uh… so far.

• What all decent folks would really like to witness is the high on his horse, Real Donald, lacing up his saddle shoes, saddling up and riding out into the sunset… to be never heard from again!

The End!

Whoa! Hold your horses, folks!

We’ve yet to playback our Match Game clip. So, let’s now give a listen to contestant Patty’s response! She only needs to match one celeb to win the game…