That’s SICK!

As both The Young Turks’ Emma Vigeland and ABC’s Good Morning America report, college student gamblers, who reside in New York and Alabama, have been selling tickets to coronavirus parties, where they mingle with their testing positive peers. The goal? The first disease-free partygoer to contract COVID-19 wins the “gate receipts”… and society loses.

This story is consistent to my own observations during my rare ventures into my corona contaminated homeland. Whenever / wherever I’ve spotted unmasked patrons, invariably, they’ve been young “adults”.

This phenomenon ties into the inevitability of man-child, Dumb-ass Donny imprinting his devil-may-care attitude upon whatever few brain cells these coronavirus partygoers can muster.

To more completely convey the magnitude of my indignation, I would’ve needed to type this post all in CAPS and in a red text color. To check out other viewers’ outrage click onto our clip’s YouTube “Button” to access the comment section.