Sylvia’s Serenity (Sunday Song Series)

Our Week #96 Sunday Song is aptly titled Sunday (what else?). Our featured artist is Ms. Sylvia Robinson… an American singer / musician and record producer / record label executive. She’s a.k.a. the mother of hip-hop. Be sure to read more about her life and times.

It wasn’t until preparing this post that, suddenly, something subconsciously clicked. My enjoyment of Ms. Robinson’s music actually gets backdated to 1963-ish, when I first became aware of the R&B chart topper, Love is Strange, released in late 1956. At that time, she and her partner, MIckey Baker were professionally known, sans surnames, as Mickey and Sylvia… hence, my minutes ago eureka moment.

I’ve linked to their live TV performance of Love is Strange as bonus track. Considering we’ll be time warping to the pre-digital audio / video age, the tech is remarkably good. But, even better, their fresh sound and spirited stage personae are both timeless… the temporal marks of all transcendental artists.

I’ve also included the Moby enhanced version of this post’s topper track. It never ceases to amaze how revamping a musical arrangement (inclusive of a dance club beat) can so completely change the musical mood… one which reminds me much of Dido’s Here With Me. Sorry, the DJ in me could not resist juxtaposing the comparison.

If you’d like to venture, again, into the world of Sunday titled songs, why not c’mon back seven days from now?