Dictator Donny Declares War on America

Dictator Donny has been having a blast bossing around his stationed in Portland, Oregon, mucked-up-in-the-head goon squad. BTW, his militant minions moonlight / do double duty as his mucked-up-in-the-head, unofficial, campaign workers, too. Their main mission is to man him up / help him appear more (d)electable to his bloodthirsty, sycophantic voter base.

Patrolling Portland in unmarked vehicles and decked out in unidentifiable uniforms, affords these storm troopers an abundance of anonymity and lack of accountability, which can only aid and abet Donny’s [1] needless maiming of Americans, [2] violent violation of peaceable protestors’ 1st Amendment Rights and [3] eventual overthrow of America.

Granted, not all demonstrators qualify as peaceable. But that, in itself, raises these key questions…

Might Trump’s own troublemakers be acting on his behalf to inflame demonstrators’ justifiable outrage? Might Trumpsters even be setting the actual fires? For Donny the Drama Queen, such subterfuge would not be out of character.

Oregon Governor Kate Brown who wishes Trump’s troops would just get the hell out, might get her wish. It’d appear that she does have a legal leg to stand on… i.e., if Wikipedia can be counted on as a trusted source…

“The governor is the commander-in-chief of the Oregon Military Department. Power is granted to the governor to mobilize and deploy state military forces.”

Hmm… just wondering what would happen were the good Guv to order her troops to protect protestors from Trump’s mercenaries?

The obvious irony, here, is that Donald J. Trump is the one who’s actually disturbing the peace. Hell, to meet his goal of restoring said peace, he’d need to order his own troops to arrest and detain HIM!

Hmm… not a bad idea…


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