My Heartfelt Thanks and Gratitude


I’d like to warmly welcome and sincerely thank the 60+ new WordPress bloggers / readers, who’ve deemed my content worthy of following, since the dawn of 2020. My apologies for not acknowledging you, individually… in a more timely manner.

However… there are ongoing, extenuating circumstances.

Were my ISP any more behind the times, they’d still be offering up dial-up… maybe even rotary dial telephones (actually my cellar’s phone is still such a model). They must’ve totally forgotten what their acronym’s middle letter stands for, too.

In all likelihood, their greedy CEO has pocketed more than his fair share of the profits, leaving little green to upgrade the infrastructure. Consequently, this blogger gets bogged down, daily, by tech woes, which no techies can solve (and I have sought out their help).

All of which negatively impacts my WordPress experience… thusly…

• Losing connection multiple times whenever I try to publish. This very afternoon I was offline for six freakin’ hours! My M.O. to work around this frustrating situation involves composing within word documents and then… during fleeting moments of connectivity… before my router’s red light flashes back on… frantically copying and pasting the content to this platform.

• When visiting your sites, I oft experience slow / incomplete loading (even minus the “Like” buttons) and posting comments / compliments proves iffy.

I have considered seeking ISP competitors… however… against the backdrop of the sickening, raging pandemic, justifiable civil unrest and reprehensible, impending Fascist overthrow of America… I find myself asking…

Of what Earthly use would a reliable Internet connection be, were that oval office autocrat to flip the Internet “kill switch” and/or march even more of his goosestepping goon squads down Main Street U.S.A. and/or allow his BFF, Corona-V, to bury whatever remains of humanity?

But, let’s end this post on a more positive note…

My gratitude to all 400+ of you, who follow / deem my content worthy of your precious time.


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!