‘Neath His Veneers

Meet the unruly ruler; delve ‘neath his veneers
Off the forward path / high road, he too often veers

He slashes freedom and funds, with talon sharp sheers
He’s counseled by yes-men, who are horses’ rears

He revels in fan’s cheers; reviles his foes’ jeers
Turns blind eye to the latter, who cry into beers

Evil eyes ever-glinting, his lecherous leers
His mouth more than hinting, at sadistic sneers

His snout snorts ire’s fire, which scorches and sears
Off yuge giant head, protrude right-slanted ears

His brainbox befuddled by stripped toothless gears
He’s morally bankrupt, life’s accounts in arrears

He’s been friendless from birth, hath not genuine peers
Run for your life! Watch your back! Whenever he nears!


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