Is today the day?


Human vulnerability and mortality fuel the undercurrent
Undercurrent of doom washes over the consciousness
The mind wanders / wonders / worries; Is today the day?

Will the teamed up scourge; pitiless overlord and minion
Akin to a knows-no bounds, jackbooted marauder / intruder
Kick down our doors; pummel our bodies into lifelessness?

Fill in his name, opportunistic overlord deems virus his minion
The virus laughs its ass off; knows fully well vice versa applies
The power-struggle destined / doomed to end in stalemate?

The subjugated bystanders; both the worried sick / sickened
Unproductively cry-out our outrage and / or cry our eyes dry
While all death liberated souls soar heavenward, we wonder?

Is today the day?
Is today the day?
Is today the day?


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!