Dragged Out / Dragged In / What a Drag!

Even now, eight long months into the pandemic, some of us still don’t get it… CUT! CUT!! CUT!!!

Let’s cut through the crap.

I was raised in an era where, early on in life, nearly everyone learned to be “we” NOT “me” oriented.

Anyone who values such for-the-greater-good sentiments, will find our video’s showcased conduct both cringe-worthy and inexcusable. How else could we react to the sight of the masquerading as a grownup, cussing shopper getting dragged out into the parking lot by his own son. And even more disgusting is the audible flatulence at 0:36.

Alas… what else can we expect, when all the man-child knows is how to ape and follow his (mis)leader… namely, the cringe-worthy and inexcusable man-child, who holes up in his oval shaped digs. The fake prez flunking out in Science 101, Civility 101 and Civics 101, is why, eight long months into the pandemic, approximately 4 out of 10 Americans… my guesstimate*… still cannot wrap their warped minds around this truth…

Until safe, reliable vaccines and / or therapeutics are discovered, humankind’s best and only defenses against the pitiless, deadly coronavirus require our masking up and socially distancing in public and isolating at home.

What could be easier than that?

To slightly shift gears now…

Following a bit of introspection, it dawned on me that I could also appear in my own pandemic related video… although the “cam” would be focused upon my self-preservation instincts… not immature selfishness.

Were it humanly possible to capture / post online my state-of-mind… we’d be witness to my overwrought condition whenever I must mask up to set foot into the Donald diseased America. We’d see how my own home, the symbol of relative safety, acts as the unseen force, which relentlessly drags me back inward… inside where I’d be tirelessly toiling away… permanently hammering shut all of my dwelling’s exit doors, and, just to be damned sure, boarding up all my windows, too.

Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!



*based on Donald J. Trump’s still astoundingly high 40% approval rating (August 2020)