Boon or Bane?

For optimal effect, prior to playing back the clip, above, read the set up, below…

The boon to having a vivid imagination is being able to effortlessly create and play out flights of fancy within the silver screened theatre of the mind. Once this becomes second nature, our comedies, dramas, even… ahem… fantasies can compete with the likes of Netflix™, Hulu™ and Disney Plus™. Even better, were it possible to successfully, storyboard such noggin notions to the film industry’s execs, they’d wind up paying us handsomely, and brilliant careers would be ours.

And that scenario, in itself, illustrates the MINOR point I’m trying to make here. All in all, this does sound win-win… uh… until we consider the “tails” side of the coin.

The bane to having a vivid imagination is WHEN… When… when… (it’s now time to scroll up to start up the blog topper clip)

It’s now Monday, November 2, 2020… the day before Election Day in America. In Scene One we find the Tyrant-ass-saurus Rex… the pea-brained, tiny handed, prehistoric reptile who’s gleefully trampling the U.S. Constitution… grinding that once hallowed document’s atoms into the Oval Office carpet. He’s so hellbent on fraudulently clawing his way to reelection that, in Scene Two, we witness him bellowing out his marching orders… deploying his private army… the armed to the teeth throngs of boneheaded, bristling with testosterone, bloodthirsty, bleating, roaring, rampaging goon squads.

Their Destinations: All voting precincts with high concentrations of Democrats.
Their Hard R-Rated Mission: To tear gas and/or gun down people attempting to exercise their Right To Vote!

Now, just in case Hollywood / Bollywood would find such content too violent for their liking…

Their Destinations: Ditto the above.
Their PG13-Rated Mission: Use flamethrowers to incinerate in-person and absentee paper ballots (all voting tech, too).

Regardless of the MPAA ratings, each dystopian narrative, in itself, illustrates the MAJOR point I’m trying to make here. All in all, it’d be lose-lose… after all, there can be no real winners were the wretched, brutal Tyrant-ass-saurus Rex and his goons able to burn America to the ground.

We can only hope our tossed in the air coin defies the mathematical odds and comes up heads each and every time!


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!