Corona-V Out-Matches Donald-T


If your homeland’s leader is enlightened, obviously, you do not live in America. Most assuredly, you’re not forced to put up with, first hand, the unlikable likes of Dumb Donald-T.

• Dumb Donald is soooooo dumb…
• How dumb is he?
• He failed to act promptly, proactively and
persistently to contain COVID-19’s spread.

Worse yet, that science denier cannot even begin to fathom how the pandemic, of his own making, has not only laid waste to public health and the economy but has also taken its psychological / emotional toll.

Think about it. In the absence of vaccines and/or therapeutics, my homeland’s very survival depends upon everyone masking up and socially distancing. Yet…

• Cheerleader-In-Chief Dumb Donald is sooooo dumb…
• How dumb is he?
• He is constantly shaking his political pom-poms to
lead the charge in America’s Ant-Masker Movement.

I’m sure that most Americans, while doing our grocery shopping, have crossed paths with maskless, mindless Trumpers. And our worrying about this, both during and afterwards, is what can easily bum us out…

• Dumb Donald depresses us soooooo much…
• How much does he depress us?
• Each time we venture forth into the fake prez’s
diseased America, we run the real risk of our life
expectancy dropping down to weeks; maybe days.

Let’s sum up this pandemic problem in terms that even Dumb Donald could grasp?

Consumers will not be in a shop-till-we-drop mood, when we’re expecting to drop dead from the Trumpian Flu. Until Donald J. Trump can deprogram his base and… at the very least… convince them to mask-up… he can expect COVID-19 to tank out his job approval ratings and Stock Exchange numbers. And, if Fair Elections still even exist anymore in America… he’ll get trounced at the polls, too.


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!