Watching Worrying Wondering


Watching the late summer sunset through the real world window
Ten nimble fingers commit black font phrases onto the white field
All is one mere copy and paste away from the launching platform
Notions, once liberated, attain light velocity all across the WWW.

Worrying overwhelms, knowing the misinformed, misguided sheeple
Pledge undeserved. unconditional allegiance to the surly absolutist
He’s their praise junkie hero; a zero who knows not, wrong from right
Trumps day with night, right with might; Tramples black with white.

Wondering, as fireflies, moon and stars strain through the darkness
How could anyone accept his diseased, decayed, devastated world?
As crossed forearms now cradle weary head, crickets sing a lullaby
Once dreams query reality, can a brilliant answer arrive with sunrise?



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