Cat Averts Catastrophe

We can only surmise the how and why this toddler had been left unsupervised. However, the unfortunate living conditions, perhaps, suggest a pandemic furloughed, recently evicted, sleep deprived, bleary-eyed, napping single mom who has been desperately trying to piece life back together again.

We find her barely eking out an existence for her family; dwelling within a slumlord’s hovel; driving a falling apart, ready for the auto grave yard clunker; consuming a steady diet of unhealthy fast food; attempting to pay all her bills by juggling three or more of her inhumane bosses’ part time work schedules; slaving away at their thankless, non-living wage, zero benefits “jobs”.

It’s damned fortunate that she didn’t have the heart to drop off her feline at the animal shelter.

To witness a cat who, with zero hesitation and lighting speed, had averted a catastrophe, certainly proves protecting and preserving humanity comes naturally; especially when compared to the slothful M.O. of that catatonic, lumbering, oval office, orange furball.


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