To boldly / baldly go… et cetera?


I’ve never been an exasperated, practically tearing out my hair parent. Hell, I’ve never been a parent, period. But, apparently, as a political blogger, that’s what I’ve become.

For better or worse… usually the latter… ever since January ’17, I’ve become the long distance, surrogate daddy to ne’er-do-well, mercurial, man-child Trump and the whole kit and kaboodle of his similarly inclined, juvenile delinquents.

My reason for saying so?

Well, upon rereading many of the blogs, which I’ve posted the past several days, I’ve oft seen a pissed off side of me that I hadn’t thought possible. In essence, I’ve been asking myself… “Did I really write that?”

I fully realize that my fury and frustration stem from knowing that, typically, the rebellious are unreachable, unteachable and, as such, rarely, if ever, respect authority figures. Furthermore, my being a relative unknown, my words will go mostly unheard. Consequently, my “scolding” serves no other purpose than venting.

Even so, I cannot help but wonder…

What would the seasoned parent do to maintain a cool head / full head of hair?


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!