It’s as if John had foreseen Don

John Lennon recorded Crippled Inside from 26 May thru 5 July 1971. This selection became one of ten tracks featured on his Imagine LP; released on 9 September 1971. Seeing how he had positioned this folk/country flavored rock composition in the Side 1 – Track 2 slot, he must’ve considered it to be as consequential as Imagine, the lead-off track.

Lennon, renown for oft penning timeless, liberal political and social commentary, it’s no surprise that his sentiments and sensibilities translate well into today’s tough Trumpian times. Re Crippled Inside, specifically, it’s almost as if he had had someone like Donald J. Trump in mind (more than likely that “someone” had been then president Richard M. Nixon).

Digging deeper into the Trump Dump, by now, most of us have heard of The Atlantic’s reportage of Donny’s litanies, loaded with insensitive and disparaging remarks re military personnel. To cite just one example, it was while planning his 2018 parade to commemorate the end of the 1st World War, that he had insisted on excluding wounded / disabled war veterans. Said the fake prez, “Nobody wants to see that!” TRANSLATION: In his mucked up head, alone, these valiant heroes are zeros. Actually, what nobody wants to see is a president such as him.

With such a heartless, inconsiderate, callous, unfeeling, uncaring, unsympathetic attitude, it’s tough not to conclude that Donald J. Trump is disabled between the ears. Or, as Lennon would’ve stated it, Crippled Inside!


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