Just a face in the crowd?

Preface: Although Tom Petty’s song applies to my circumstances, in title only, I’ve included the above video, replete with silhouetted cinematography, anyway. Maybe it’ll make your visit more worthwhile?

I recently changed the email address, which WordPress uses to notify me re my online interactions with you, who I follow and you, who follow me. Instantaneously, thru no known fault of my own, into the interwebs’ thin air my Thomas Paine avatar went POOF!

Nowhere within any, more or less,, orderly social network, does such a totally unrelated, undesirable and unorthodox outcome make one iota of sense.

My immediate reaction was to restore order… yet… I could not help but wonder…

What other unrelated, undesirable and unorthodox outcome(s) might await me, were I to try?

Might I wind up starting a nuclear war?

Anyway… as this week has dragged on, I’ve come to the following realization…

Seeing how I’m just a face in the crowd in the real world, already, maybe the featureless new me… represented by WordPress’s standard issue silhouette… is most apropos after all?


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!