Honest Indie-Pop (SundaySongSeries)

Our Week #105 stopover, within the vast world of Sunday titled songs, finds us visiting “The Big Apple”… East Love’s home base. Today these recording artists will be performing the aptly titled Sunday Afternoon. Their website will fill in more details re the musicians and their music.

“East Love is an indie-pop group based in New York City. Band members include Lukas Effman (lead vocals), Rob Fink (guitar, vocals), Alex Goldstein (ukulele, bass, vocals), Andy Koehler (keys), and Austin Deyo (drums). Lukas, Robbie, & Alex Goldstein have been playing together since their high school days, and they all teamed up to form East Love when they moved to New York City in late 2012. East Love is focused on writing, recording, and performing honest music – both from a lyrical and instrumentation standpoint. The band weaves in pop influences, but always keeps the music grounded in real instruments and lots of vocal harmonies.” [More Info Here]

Our musical journey resumes 7 days from now. Hope you’ll be back at that time. Till then…

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