Preface: If you’re anything like me, by now, you’re familiar with the arrhythmic biorhythms that go hand in hand with our pandemic reinvented existence. And that’s inclusive of waking up from fitful slumbers, at odd hours, oft, way before dawn’s early light. And, oh how I wish my own return to consciousness… this very day… this very blog… only involved a nightmare…

For those who are familiar with this website, you’ve noticed the Roylab Stats Pandemic Real Time Counter (accompanied by my supplied survival tips), which I’ve opted to leave “stuck” to the top of my homepage for the duration.

As complete and accurate as this Real Time Counter strives to be, what it fails to report are the oceans of tears… of the patients, the medical professionals who are trying to save them, and last but not least, all who are mourning those, who did not make it back home… well… at least not back to their homes found on earth.

With regards to those above italicized words…

As of 03:52 a.m., here in the U.S. Eastern Time Zone, these tireless statisticians reported that, stateside, 200,197 members of our human family have passed on.

While we must feel sorrow for each individual, there’s just something especially heartbreaking and sobering about being witness to this in-real-time, totally unacceptable… and likely government suppressed… total.

This stat also drives home the point that, were America governed by humane, intelligent, nonpartisan, rational national leadership, a goodly portion of those 200,197 souls would still be alive and well, today.

I could say much more, but now is not the time and place.

Let’s all pause, now, for a moment of silence to pay our respects.


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!