BlogCast: Atypical Heavy Metal

As Black Sabbath AMPLY proves, above, Heavy Metal, typically, has all the subtlety of a herd of rampaging, stampeding dinosaurs, that is, if… in the beginning… dinosaurs had ever, actually, herded, rampaged and stampeded. Hey… don’t ask me for proof… I may be old but I wasn’t there! And… re my above op-ed… I’m not complaining… just paying a compliment.

That duly noted… how about atypical Heavy Metal? Huh? Can such an art form even exist, let alone, actually, rise to avant-garde magnificence?

Well, I do believe the two clips, below, will “A” that “Q” with a resounding YES!

That both musical scores showcase womankind, exclusively, does meld well with this man’s contention that the XX chromosome configuration enhances the intellectualism, sophistication and vibrancy of any endeavor. Not slamning XY’ers, per se. Just expressing my eternal gratitude for the positive female influence upon society.

That both of this BlogCast’s selections feature the, unconventional to Heavy Metal, classic keyboard, bagpipes and the snake charmers’ flute… a.k.a. the pungi, the been and the murli… also proves instrumental to such transcendence.

All discussions of instrumentality / mentality set aside, let’s let the musicians’ performances validate my thesis.

Gamazda (Keyboard Extraordinaire – Russia) covers / breathes a new life force into Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid”

Bagpipers… Archy Jay (The Snake Charmer – India), Jane Espie (The Phantom Piper – Scotland), and Chelsea Joy (Dame of Drones – U.S.) present their Irish/metal medley cover of Dropkick Murphys & Metallica recordings.


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