Governance and Prudence?


So sorry I cannot… correction… must not… be more specific, save to say, that I, personally, would never, ever want be appointed to any lifetime position.

The #1 problem with such installations is that, even though this is an issue, which sorely needs to be publicly and explicitly discussed, to do so, would be to, potentially and unintentionally, invite and incite the quick tempered, quick-fix.

Perhaps I’ve already said too much?

Anyway, I’m fairly confident that nearly all of you can read between the lines.

Suffice to say, it’d be wise for all who wield power… especially the legislators… from the federal down to the municipal level…  to immediately implement mandatory term limits.

Of course, what’s the possibility of that ever happening, huh? From time immemorial, governance and prudence have rarely, with any regularity, walked hand in hand.

Which brings us, full circle, back to problem #1.


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!