AB Negative Narrative


We the People have not been abeam, abloom and abubble. Instead, we’re abundantly taken aback when, right from within DC’s Alabaster Abode, abject aberrations from the accepted norms abound.

That’s the obsessed and abscessed absolutist’s locale, from which he launches his absurd, abrasive, abusive, abysmal, abnormal, abominable, abhorrent, above the law plot.

That’s the crime scene, from where he unabashedly and abruptly abets the abatement, ablation, abortion, abrogation, abbreviation, abridgement, abolishment of human / civil rights; where he threatens to set ablaze the absentee ballots, too.

We the unwilling to grant absolution to any duly dethroned, refusing to abdicate power tyrant; we who are not able.to abide by / get aboard with Democracy’s absorption by Fascism, can only feel abandoned and abducted.

When our Constitutional protective passages do an about-face WTF is left?

Might we “escape” by going the absinthe and other potent potables route?

Might we abstain by absconding abroad ISO the aboriginal paradise lands?


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Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!