Is a coup d’état dress casual?


Hmm, now there’s an odd question this old-hand, seasoned, true blue American citizen never, ever expected he’d be asking; especially when that DC bash’s backdrop is expected to bleed outward to EveryTown, U.S.A.

Not that, at that point, I’d actually give a F about my fashion statement. But I do suppose, at the very least, the fabric should be stain-resistant; seeing how bloodstains are a bitch to remove.

• Will attendance be mandatory? We do know how VainMan is obsessed about size (uh, crowd size). I guess showing up would be advantageous; almost anything would be better than having to hear that big baby bellyaching / screeching re his low numbers till he’s iridescent orange in the face.

• Would anyone still have the balls to raid that odious blowout and shut ‘er down?

That, of course, IS the $64 Zillion question.

• But, WTF is the answer?

To all outward appearances, generals (who, btw have sworn to “defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC”) don’t seem to be all that concerned re that firebrand’s brand of flaw and disorder.

• But, might appearances be deceiving?

It is possible that our top brass have been sporting their finest poker faces; i.e., laying in wait until the very last moment where / when they’ll be ding-donging the despot’s doorbell. And, soon afterwards, be hauling his fat Fascist fanny off the premises and lead-footing the paddy wagon off to the stockade.

At that point, I actually would give a F about my fashion statement.

Yep, I’d be donning my party hat and glad rags!


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