Donny’s Donnybrook (Not a Debate)


This blog is my in real time reaction to the 1st Debate between Joe Biden and Donald J. Trump.

Donald J. Trump is an obnoxious brat, who believes whoever shouts the loudest will be perceived as being truthful. And Trump is not being truthful when he’s shouting down Joe Biden. Trump lies so much that even he believes his own lies. Trump cannot face the truth that he’s totally incapable of telling the truth.

Every time Joe Biden is trying to make a point / speaking truth to power, Trump flat-out refuses to shut up. Hell, Trump will not even shut up long enough to allow moderator Chris Wallace to regain control.

What needs to be done? The next time Trump and Biden “debate”, lodge each of them in a soundproof booth. When it’s Biden’s turn to speak Trump’s microphone should be shut off and vice versa.


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Stay Safe at Home!
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