Postcard Parable (The US Strangler)


Once Upon a Time, a Medical Examiner performed a postmortem on
Lady Liberty and Mother Nature. In each case, the collected forensic
evidence proved identical; the freakish tiny fingerprints, stray orange
make-up smudges and strands of dyed blond hair. Cause of death was
assault and battery and strangulation. A psychological profile pointed
to a psychopath suffering from delusions of grandeur, despotism and
misogyny. In spite of the infamous, prime suspect living in plain sight,
fearful, feckless lawmen flat-out refused to haul in his ass. THE END!
Moral: So long as a strangler roams free, no one lives/breathes freely!
Obiter Dictum: Stay safe at home – Mask-Up in public – Stay Healthy!