Donald and Melania Trump have both tested COVID-19 positive and are now self-quarantining.

My stay well wishes to them both.

Considering the ferocious communicability of this disease, I cannot say that this revelation shocks me; it was only a matter of time that his denial of science and consequent reckless behavior would catch up with him.

My further wishes are that Donald will finally deem this godforsaken virus the grave threat to humanity that it is. Any reasonable man, especially one who wields the immense power and influence that he does, would use this as a teaching moment; unequivocally admit that he’s been dead wrong to downplay the deadliness of Corona-V!

Were I in his position, I’d now be Tweeting my keying fingers raw and speechifying myself hoarse to immediately invoke a nationwide mask-up order, to encourage everyone else, worldwide, to do the same.

Not owning a stash of masks is NO EXCUSE. Watch this TUTORIAL.

Stay Publicly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!