Sheriff Taylor’s Community Building Pays Off!

Granted, real life is not a TV sitcom and today’s militarized, oft bigoted cops / the urban wars they oft provoke, are no laughing matter. Yet, if we could hire unprejudiced police officers, who actually favor fictional Sheriff Andy Taylor’s community building, brains over brawn approach, would that not be the best way to restore and keep the peace?


No big secret, the horrifying militarization of our state and local police forces is what has been mutating municipalities into war zones, where police brutality rules and the accused… be they totally innocent bystanders, guilty of non-violent crimes or anyone in between and beyond… have been needlessly winding up six feet under.

To compare and contrast that ugly scene to its diametric opposite, let’s view a couple of scenes from The Andy Griffith Show.

Granted, real life is not a TV sitcom. But, let’s consider, anyway, the late actor, Andy Griffith, who, from October 3, 1960 to April 1, 1968, portrayed the small screen’s, small town Mayberry Sheriff, Andy Taylor (the antithesis of the stereotypical, deep south, bigoted lawman).

True, benign Andy’s bygone, no guns approach probably would not translate well into society today… seeing how bad guys’ are now armed to the teeth with militarized WMD. Nevertheless, there…

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