Ani’s Norm Morn (SundaySongSeries)

Indie / Folkie Ani DiFranco, via her aptly titled composition, Sunday Morning, becomes our Week #108 Sunday Songs Series virtual tour guide.

She’ll be singing / playing us thru the run-down of her ho-hum Sunday Morning routine; seemingly basking in the normalcy of it all.

Considering how so much has changed in 2020, have not we, the social isolating souls, been ho-humming similar sentiments re our pandemic redefined, Sundays / everydays?

Granted, our reactions to the new reality can differ. However, in my own case, I actually find it comforting to be hunkering down, within my lair’s relatively safer confines, no matter what day of the week it may be; especially when compared to the alternative of masking up to (hopefully) avoid Covid whenever venturing forth to post a bill payment / lay in provisions.

If you’ve found our virtual journey into the world of Sunday titled songs to your liking, let’s meet up back here for another adventure, 7 days from now. Till then…

Stay Publicly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!