Beyond Words?

We, who blog on this platform, have now been given little choice but to adapt to the new WordPress Editor; “courtesy” of our well-meaning “keepers”. You know the type:

They, who love to go full-blown giddy whenever the opportunity arises to reinvent the wheel.

What a shame. Things had been rolling along quite well sans such a drastic change.

Coping with this mutation presents challenges to old farts like me. You know the type:

We, who spent our formative years playing with our blocks and other toys, within our non-computerized, no Internet access playpens.

Alas, those who run / ruin this platform had not stopped to consider how, oh, say, they could’ve allowed dinosaurs, like me, to totally opt out.

I suppose what’s done is done. Having little choice in the matter:

I’ll E – V – E – N – T – U – A – L – L – Y adapt.

But, I do find playing with their “blocks” a pain in the butt. For now, my best shot at stress management is to compose, offline, within a Word Document and then Copy and Paste each post over to the Editor and onto the Web.

Stated quite simply, my needing to jump thru even more hoops during 2020, an already challenging year, is just one more complication I do not need in my already pandemic ruined life.

Saving my biggest gripe for last, WordPress’s latest “innovation” doth fly in the face of my overall blogging philosophy:

If you need bells and whistles to grab your readers’ attention, perhaps, you never had anything of value to offer them in the first place.

Stay Publicly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!