And the Fly said, “HELP ME!”

To properly “unpack” the content from last night’s 90 minute long debate between Senator Kamala Harris and Vice Prez Mike Pence, it could easily exceed 90 minutes. Were that to happen, it’d also turn off you, the reader, who’s likely ISO thumbnail political analysis, STAT! Ergo, I’ll try to mitigate the word count.

Suffice to say, this debate left much to be desired.

For starters, I found it particularly irritating / infuriating how Harris got repeatedly interrupted by Pence, who had deemed it his undeserved, gender birthright to dominate both his opponent and moderator Susan Page.

Also, Harris had missed some key opportunities to more forcefully refute the always running off at the mouth, running overtime, evasive Pence, who was doing little more than regurgitating the paint-by-numbers, hackneyed and (damned near always) disingenuous Trumpian talking points.

To be fair to Harris, this liberated man fully understands how women are harshly and unduly criticized for the same level of assertiveness, which men are complimented for. No doubt, her awareness of this odious bias toned down her debating rhetoric and style.

Seeing how I’d be remiss not to cite at least one specific debating moment, let’s discuss how Pence had, point blank, challenged Harris to state whether or not, if empowered, the Biden Admin would stack the Supreme Court; i.e., via the addition of liberal judges.

Of course, Harris and Joe Biden have deemed it wise to avoid answering yes or no in such forums. Their rationale is sound due to the complexity of this issue. More to the point, it’s damned near impossible to shoehorn any meaningful dialogue into a debate format that’s hindered by time constraints and regimented questions ISO soundbite, catch phrase replies.

Ergo, Harris opted to pivot, instead; point out how the Trump Admin, itself, is all about stacking / loading up the Supreme and Circuit Courts with lifetime appointee ideologues.

Aside: We are talking about judicial hacks who are best described as arch-conservative, under-qualified and oft incompetent.

The Senator’s response was satisfactory, yet, a much better zinger could’ve gone along these lines:

Mr. Pence, tell me, tell all Americans, just how the 67 percent conservative Supreme Court bench, which both you and Donald J. Trump lust for, fairly represents / evenhandedly serves an America that’s ONLY 35 percent conservative?

Reminder: These are my words.

And if time permitted, Ms. Harris could’ve even pointed out that judges are not supposed to be wearing MAGA hats; or for that matter, brown shirts and white Klansman robes / hoods.

Even the fly, which had landed on Mike Pence’s snow white tresses could smell the stench; the white nationalist / Fascist state shit, which, just like a nasty COVID-19 plume, wafts all around the Trump / Pence camp.

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