Out of Bounds? Out on a Limb?

Is it out of bounds to post unflattering content re narcissist Donald J. Trump; especially in the wake of his brief, COVID-19 scrape with death?

Is it going out on a limb to assume that nearly everyone, who’s caught a fleeting glimpse of the Grim Reaper, would view their survival a humbling, oh wow moment; so much so, that they’d do their damnedest to avoid similar encounters in the future? Would even attempt to spare others such a harrowing experience?

Let’s compare and contrast.

Following my November 9, 1973 spin-out on an icy freeway overpass, where I narrowly averted smashing head-on into an eighteen-wheeler tractor-trailer, I became a changed man. My surviving what could’ve easily been a fatal traffic accident, in my book, had been miraculous.

How else could you and I assess an outcome where ALL the motorists left that wintry scene with nary a scratch to our bodies and vehicles’ bodies?

During subsequent winter storms, I did not feel an instantaneous, overwhelming compulsion to turn the key in the ignition, rev up the ol’ engine, kick ‘er into high gear and speed off at 145 k.p.h. ISO of the most dangerous “skating rink” highways, imaginable.

Neither did I become an on-the-spot advocate for foolhardy behavior; e.g., by attempting to convince family and friends that reckless winter driving is the “only way to go”; by going out of my freakin’ way to instruct everyone on the “proper techniques” for precipitating carnage / perpetrating vehicular manslaughter.

Had I conducted myself in such an incomprehensible, reprehensible, irresponsible manner, that would’ve branded me any permutation / combination of inane, insane and amoral.

Such characterizations now afford us the perfect segue into a discussion re Donny.

In one breath, we witness Trump cockily shuffling away from his own COVID-19 survival miracle and in the very next (still labored) breath, becoming the advocate of reckless behavior; GOING OUT OF HIS FREAKIN’ WAY to tell everyone all across America / all over the globe:

“Don’t be afraid of Covid. Don’t let it dominate your life.”

October 5, 2020 Tweet @realDonaldTrump

To conduct himself in such an incomprehensible, reprehensible, irresponsible manner, brands him any permutation / combination of inane, insane and amoral.

Were he a private citizen, the legal authorities would have already charged him, at the very least, with public endangerment.

Trump’s narcissism, literally pumped up on doctor prescribed steroids, is now raging out of control. Could he actually be getting off on the, so far, 219,000 (known) deaths, which his DIY pandemic has caused? Were matters to become any worse, would mortuaries’ hidden surveillance cameras catch that ghoul “grabbing” / taking indecent liberties with the corpses, too?

Look, I don’t know what netherworld Trump has been holed up in, these past 9 months, but he’s obviously oblivious to the fact that the rest of us are engaged in a fight for humanity’s very survival.

If he cannot do anything helpful, at the very least, can he not simply shut the F up? You know, park his Fascist fanny and veg out in front of his TV; scarf down junk food and pig out on his propaganda ministers’ served up, undeserved accolades; all designed to stoke and stroke his ferocious ego.

Most assuredly, Corona-V does not need an ally. Yet, it has found one. That being the one and (thank God) only Donald J. Trump!

When pitted against a global pandemic’s glaring, glum backdrop, it’s never, ever out of bounds and going out on a limb to call him out / tell it like it is!

Stay Publicly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!