Soon 2B Gravely Ill? Graveyard Bound?


As a sexagenarian male with lifelong breathing issues, to say the least, I now have good reason to be worried. Here’s why.

I went grocery shopping this past week. At the check out, just as I was paying the cashier, the man in line behind me began coughing. Since the onset of Donald J. Trump’s DIY pandemic, this was the very first time I’d ever been in close proximity to someone exhibiting symptoms consistent to COVID-19 infection.

The factors that may have prevented my becoming gravely ill and graveyard bound:

• Store patrons and employees had been 100% mask compliant.

• The coughing customer had been utilizing one of the store’s motorized shopping carts, which suggests a preexisting, non-pandemic related pulmonary issue.

• There had been two meters between us.

• My potential exposure time had been less than three minutes, tops.

• I wore my own mask (and vinyl gloves) until I got home, at which time I scrubbed my hands and face STAT!

I’ll try not to freak out as I wait for the 14 day incubation countdown clock to do its thing. Either I’ll witness it zero out, unscathed, or COVID-19 will zero me out.

Normally, I’m not so me oriented and obsessed about death.

Let’s chalk that up to the side effects of existing in a nation being misled by the “it’s all about me”, Grim Reaper Trump; a.k.a. the insufferable, inhumane, malignant narcissist, who gets off on inflicting human suffering and death.

Stay Publicly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!