A Thin the Liberal Herd Mentality?


Over at YouTube, I just spotted a bizarre Republican ad. Little doubt, they’re hoping to resuscitate their their cash strapped, (not so) Grand, (predominately) Old , (totally dreadful) Party by huckstering the following product:

“Trump 2020 Hunting Camo Hats
Show where you stand wearing this symbol of America”

Copy and Paste from GOP advertisement • 10/29/2020

Here’s where my head is at:

• On one hand, I’m OK with hunters, who shoot their non-human critter(s) of choice to put food on their tables.

• On the other hand, this never armed, usually vegetarian confines his non-violent hunting and gathering to the supermarket.

Obviously, I’m no expert woodsman. Even so, I do have a few questions:

• Why would any hunter ever choose to wear a camo hat (or any other camouflage clothing)?

• Would it not be better to wear bright colored duds in the woods, you know, to give a heads up to other hunters; just to insure you don’t wind up getting shot / shot to death?

Hmm, seems to me that about the only thing dumber than going on safari decked out in camo hunting attire would be to don a fur coat and start grumbling in a gruff unintelligible manner.

Of course, considering how this ad is targeting Farron Cousin’s Ring of Fire audience, perhaps the GOP’s diabolical marketing strategy is to thin the liberal herd prior to Election Day?

Even tho my last remark, is j/k, it’s still possible that the righties are dead serious; I mean, let’s keep in mind the 233,000 COVID-19 deaths that have occurred on their watch.

Stay Publicly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!