“Projecting” Victory


DISCLAIMER: My degree is in Communication Arts, NOT Psychiatry. Additionally, I have no proof to support my hypothesis. Nonetheless, what follows is still discussion-worthy.

The political pundits’ post 2020 Election Day, morning after, hand wringing game is already in triple overtime.

Their BIG Q’s:

• How could the public opinion polls have been so wrong AGAIN?
• WTF happened to Joe Biden’s oft double digit lead over Donald Trump?

While these analysts’ have presented several, totally plausible theories, to the best of my knowledge, they have yet to consider the possibility that:

The pollsters, in actuality, were NOT wrong! Really? How so?

Well, as many of us are already painfully aware, Trump is renown for accusing his foes of the very chicanery that he, himself, is guilty of.

Shrinks would sum up such mental illness in one word: PROJECTION.

Based upon the fake prez dredging up / regurgitating, AGAIN, on this very day, his uncorroborated by evidence accusation that his opponent is plotting to steal the election from him, once we factor in projection (and paranoia), would that not make the perpetrator of such political skulduggery none other than Donald J. Trump?


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