Trump Victorious / Humanity Defeated


It’s now approximately one hour past midnight in the Eastern U.S. time zone, the polls are closed all across my homeland and, I don’t believe I’m going too far out on a limb to type in and “go with” my above headline.

Seeing how I just woke up, mere minutes ago, from a much needed, nearly four hour long nap, my prognostication is based, in part, upon my viewing a mere smattering of discouraging, preliminary seesawing ballot counts; all courtesy of the aired / streamed Election Night programming.

The other “in part” taps into a gut reaction, based upon my acquired, over a lifetime, understanding of stripped down to the fundamentals, human nature.

Specifically, we’re talking about how my regrettably gullible compatriots, regardless of political stripe, tend to succumb to greed and, perhaps worse than that, virtually always vote against their own best interests. Factor in their cult behavior; brainwashing “services” “courtesy” of one Donald J. Trump and a phalanx of his owned and operated propaganda ministers and voilà… to borrow a hackneyed phrase… we’ve got a (climate change intensified) perfect storm; already in progress.

And”progress” hardly describes where America will, once again, be heading.

Bottom line, foolhardy, selfish folks, all across the late, once-upon-a-time great America, would rather improve their own bottom line / feather their own nests. And they will pay for it DEARLY. Hell, they’ll drag all the rest of us down with them; i.e., force us ALL to pay for it DEARLY.

Once again, they’ve propped up the worst entity, in recorded history, and, in the process, pumped up his preexisting massive ego. They’ve utterly failed to realize that, in his 1-page book, he, AND ONLY HE, is Number 1.

So, in our rear view mirrors, we now witness the long faces of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris; watch them reluctantly waving Americans bye-bye for the last time. Their plans to reconnect with science to resuscitate our dying planet and rescue humanity from the coronavirus; to restore basic human decency; to reunite our fractured society…

Folks, the dream of Joe and Kamala; your dream; my dream for a better day is all over.

Instead, the Trumpian nightmare will continue to rage on… and on… and on… and on…

About all that’s left, now, is for my prediction to be proven wrong. Will somebody please prove me wrong? PLEASE?


Stay Publicly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!