Biden Victorious? Trump Defeated?


Approximately 24 hours ago, my blog, titled, Trump Victorious / Humanity Defeated, concluded:

“About all that’s left, now, is for my prediction to be proven wrong. Will somebody please prove me wrong? PLEASE?”

Well, it’d APPEAR that America’s poll workers may have proven me wrong. After all, the multiple millions of absentee and early voting ballots, which they’ve been tirelessly processing, APPEAR to have changed Joe Biden’s title from Former Vice President to President-Elect.

And, to be proven wrong in this manner, I could not be happier.

I’m particularly pleased that Michigan, my home state, has played a significant role; that by completing and hand delivering my own absentee ballot to City Hall, a scant eight days ago, I had not only performed my civic duty but had actually made a difference, too!

I haven’t felt so good since doing my part to elect / reelect Barack Obama.

Under normal circumstances, there would now be reason to party hearty. Yet, there’s that pesky “A” word, APPEAR, which keeps on cropping up.

Such iffy language APPEARS because, psychotic Donald J. Trump, with desperation and despotism pounding in his mucked up brain and surging thru his arteriosclerosis diseased body, has opted to go on a filing frivolous lawsuits rampage. His M.O. is to keep on flinging his Fascist fecal matter until he gets it to stick. And in the process he’ll stick it to the American people; flat-out defy our ballot box, peaceable ouster.

What remains to be seen is IF “Adolf” will succeed.

Alas, IF could morph into WHEN, seeing how Trump owns and operates corrupt crony judges, who park their worthless behinds behind the Federal and Supreme Court benches; how the vast majority of them are itching to burn up the U.S. Constitution.

Alas, IF could morph into WHEN, seeing how Trump also commands legions of domestic terrorists, who are itching to burn America down to the ground.

Regrettably, it’d APPEAR that Joe Biden’s legitimate rise to power is not, yet, a done deal.

Sorry to say, I now find myself predicting that we may not have seen the last of yesterday’s headline, Trump Victorious / Humanity Defeated; that those very words may need to re-APPEAR atop a future blog.

About all that’s left, now, is for my new prediction to be proven wrong. Will somebody please prove me wrong? PLEASE?


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