Lumbering Off to Mar-a-Lago?


Donald J. Trump could still reach into his bag of dirty tricks, one last time, to defy the will of the majority of American voters, who ousted him at the ballot box. How would his machinations go down?

Well, for starters, he’d ratchet up his rabble rousing efforts; further inflame the preexisting, psychotic passions of millions of his minions; enraged cultists all, who are already protesting, on his behalf, against essential Liberty and Democracy.

Seeing how too damned many of Donny’s subversives are also itchy trigger fingered, armed to the teeth domestic terrorists, sooner than we could utter, “Civil War”, we’d be witness to its endless battlefield carnage.

At that juncture, Trump would simply sit back on his Fascist fanny and laugh his rump off. He’d feel enraptured, too; mainly because civil unrest, of that magnitude, would instantly afford him HIS perfect excuse to maintain his chokehold on power.

Via his declaration of Martial Law, he’d mothball the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate and postpone, indefinitely, Inauguration Day.

But, would tyrant Trump really be getting the last laugh?

Would Joe Biden even need to take his Oath of Office at the U.S. Capitol building? Could he not be sworn in anywhere? It’s true! As a nine-year-young boy, right on my TV, I watched Lyndon B. Johnson being sworn in aboard Air Force One; on 11/22/1963, the day of the John F. Kennedy assassination.

Seems to me that Biden, too, could be sworn in, oh, say, right at his humble home. And, from that point onward, he could carry out his presidential duties, straight from the resolute desk within his den; oh, say, over Zoom?

If there’s one thing Donny’s DIY pandemic has taught us all, one’s workplaces can materialize wherever / whenever needed.

Of course, Commander-In-Chief Biden would need to cover all bases, too; e.g., order the troops to cut off Donny’s supply lines, electrical power and, most importantly of all, sever every last damned White House, communication link to the outside world.

It would not be a bad idea to leave Donny a furled white flag on the welcome mat, too.

After all, once depraved Donny is deprived of his flat screen TV, Twitter / Internet connection and steady diet of fattening fast food, he’d soon be waving the flag of surrender and wind up lumbering off to Mar-a-Lago.


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