Lame Duck Donny / Sitting Duck USA


The defeated, obdurate Donald J. Trump, at present, is holed up and hunkered down within the bowels of the White House.

By his very nature, he’s a despondent, despotic, mercurial, malignantly narcissistic, insufferable man-child. As such, he’s totally incapable of accepting the truth that the majority of the American electorate has FINALLY held him accountable for mucking up America, these past four years. Via our legally cast ballots we have booted his considerable butt out of office.

Were he a normal, gracious, honorable man, he’d have already behaved accordingly; starting with his concession speech; inclusive of his pledge to facilitate America’s transition to the duly elected Joe Biden administration.

Seeing how words such as “normal”, “gracious” and “honorable” are totally non-applicable, come January 20, 2021, it’d not be a shocker for us to eyewitnesses Secret Service guards promptly frogmarching the whole kit and kaboodle of these anti-American, subversive, trespasser Trumps and their sycophantic underlings off the premises and onto Pennsylvania Avenue. To be sure, here’s where Donny’s recently installed, non-scalable fencing could REALLY pay-off, big time!

But, getting back to the here and now, the anecdotal reports tell of Donny’s odd (very odd) assortment of family members, congressional cronies and propaganda ministers secretly attempting an intervention; all walking on eggshells; donning their kid gloves in an attempt to coax Mister High and Mighty, the keeper of the nuclear launch codes, no less, to [1] at present, dismount his high horse and [2] shortly after Biden takes his Oath of Office, remount and ride his high horse out of DC; hopefully to never return.

Alas, what remains unclear is whether or not the above-mentioned interventionists fully understand how, with each passing moment that they fail, they are also denying Biden access to the same, top secret, Presidential Daily Briefings, which Donny gets (and lets go in one ear and out the other). They are already mucking up the seamless transition of power and that’s not only irresponsible, it’s potentially dangerous, too.

Let’s not mince words. We are actually talking about National Security issues, which trump and transcend the Inauguration Day pomp and circumstance.

It’d not be melodramatic to point out that, in keeping his successor out of the loop, loopy Donald J. Trump, the lame duck, could easily make the United States of America a sitting duck.

Either inadvertently or intentionally (likely the latter), has-been Donny has been emboldening his wretched, overly ambitious, opportunistic, autocratic pals.

As I type and as you read these words, chump Trump’s chums, petty dictators all, could be plotting to seize upon the drunk (on power) and disorderly Donny’s disarray as a means to attack / cyberattack America. And, all the while, the soon-to-be ex-prez, too, is plotting; namely, his vengeance.

By Donald J. Trump’s very nature, he would think nothing of taking down America with him.


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