What is Not Final Jeopardy!

This will be my third post following Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek’s 11/08/20 merger with the universe. I’ve been attempting to put such a preoccupation into some sort of perspective. Beyond obviously missing him, here goes.

For 30 minutes, each weekday evening, we’ve found solace in observing this game show legend both displaying and presiding over intellectualism, levelheadedness, even-handedness, decency and normalcy. Alas, such righteous attributes (as vital as love, sustenance, water, oxygen, hearth and home) tend to get upstaged by every negative “ism” found within our shattered, shallow, contemporary society.

Transcending that, on a more personal note, it was during this game show’s early days, that my folks and I would gather around our living room TV to welcome Alex as we would another family member; to play along with the contestants, too. Even now, decades after my folks passed away, whenever I’m playing Jeopardy! in that very room, I can still sense their presence.

But let’s not get too far off topic. Let’s check out the Entertainment Tonight YouTube Channel blurb, to set up our first clip; as presented both above and offsite.

“ET spoke with ‘Jeopardy!’ executive producer Mike Richards on Sunday, following the death of the show’s long time host, Alex Trebek.”

Perhaps, the best tribute to Mr. Trebek is to mention how he would not let his iconic status go to his head. His good nature would prevail even when the inevitable, spare nothing, parodies of Jeopardy! surfaced. Whether he had directly participated in these comedy sketches, or not, he’d delight in, what in essence, was making light of himself. This gets amply showcased in our second clip featuring a Golden Girls episode. To set up this sendup, both below and offsite:

I’ve encoded this presentation to start at 6:01 (for further laughs, rewind to watch the show in it’s entirety). My apology re the technical anomalies. Believe it or not, this was the best of the three available uploads. Even so, our guffaws will rapidly make us forget the flaws. BTW, don’t miss Dorothy’s anti-Trump quip. Enjoy!


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