Sobering Stats and Somber Settings

This past Friday, U.S. cases of COVID-19 surpassed 11 million and, the following day, the fatalities skyrocketed to and beyond 1 quarter million. On this rainswept Sunday, of the 54.3 million sickened souls, worldwide, 1.3 million wound up sickened to death.

These sobering stats are likely understated, too; i.e., once we factor in the lack of readily available, reliable testing procedures and “our” cold, calculating, greed driven, less than forthcoming national “leaders”.

Alas, this catastrophe needn’t have happened at all.

Had these headstrong heads of state respected our world’s finest scientific minds and proactively, promptly and persistently enlightened everyone, accordingly, we could’ve all been working together to slow the spread of this ferociously communicable, predominantly airborne disease; to halt Corona-V dead in its tracks.

At present, our best defenses remain what they have been all along; shelter at home as much as possible and, when in public, mask-up and socially distance at least two meters / two yards apart.

Being in compliance with these best practices is our moral and civic duty to humanity.

Beyond that, let’s never lose sight of the human side to the above-mentioned stats; namely, how these numbers fail to take into account the oceans of tears shed by [1] the patients who’ve taken their last gasp of oxygen while isolated from their loved ones, [2] the survivors who’ve wound up disabled long haulers, [3] the dedicated medical professionals who, in spite of doing their very best, could not work the life saving miracles and, last but not least, [4] the surviving family members and friends who’ll mourn, forevermore, those who did not make it back home… well… at least not back to their homes found on earth.

2020’s upcoming holiday season is going to be particularly disappointing and, in countless instances, downright heartbreaking.

Social isolating will preclude our gathering around the dinner table, in large numbers, to consume the traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings. But, lest anyone even begin to consider grousing about that, we must never forget the mourners who’ll be seated within their own dining rooms, tearfully staring across the table at the chairs rendered forever empty by that godforsaken, pitiless virus.


Stay Publicly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!



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