Do Re Me Fa So La Ti Do?

Let’s pay a call on, CORRECTION, call out a high end auto manufacturer’s recently aired and streamed commercial.

Now, don’t ask me to name this big biz entity by name. The tone deafness of the ad, itself, proved to be such an enormous distraction, I cannot recall, for the life of me, the specific corporation.

And, even if I could remember, I’d never want to afford this insensitive entity any additional publicity; not even via my barely noticeable website.

That said, let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of the ad:

Young, money grubby hubby ushers wifey out to the driveway (presumably on Christmas morn), to present to her two… mind you… TWO, luxury, showroom-new, gas guzzler SUVs; one red, the other blue. She promptly goes gaga, and assuming the blue one is hers, instantly takes ownership. Meanwhile, he glumly deadpans the ad’s allegedly humorous punch line; (words to the effect) Oh well, I suppose I could learn to love the red one.

Aside: Let’s hope he’s not scarred for life; so much so that it’d take decades of psychoanalysis for him to get over his “disappointment”.

The tone deafness of this scenario is toxic.

First of all, HIS and HERS vehicles? At $60,000 a pop? REALLY? WTF kind of relationship do these stick-figure characters have, anyway? I mean, they cannot get along well enough to carpool it to work for an hour or two each day? Of course, that’d be assuming they’d ever do a lick of work that’d go beyond managing their fat, Fat, FAT stock portfolios; oh, say, by phoning up their stockbroker(s) for speedy, greedy chats?

Far be it from me to begrudge “successful” people their materialism-centric “lives”; their getting off on such dubious “pleasure”; but my gawd, let’s keep everything down to earth!

This IS 2020 after all! That godforsaken pandemic has been, literally, snuffing out lives and livelihoods. Average Janes and Joes are not making their rent / mortgage payments to keep roofs over their kitchen tables; are having a tough time paying their utility bills to “fire up” the requisite cook tops / ovens to prepare meals for said tables; are purchasing cheapo grub to toss into their cookware that’s being heated up by said contrivances.

To bottom line real life for the edification of this avarice driven, tone deaf auto manufacturer and his like-minded, mindless Madison Avenue admen:

When the underemployed and out of work, working class don’t earn enough to readily pay their bills, their drab soundtrack of life does not contain the notes Do Re Me Fa So La Ti Do.

But then, again, you don’t sing Do Re Me Fa So La Ti Do, either.

Were you to ever, truthfully, set that above-mentioned, tone deaf ad to music; it’s dreary “lyrics” would go:

Dough Dough Dough Dough Dough Dough Dough Dough


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