Life’s Simple Pleasures

My cherished recollections of holiday specific, family fun, undoubtedly, have been indelibly time stamped, 9 December 1965, by the radio and television transmissions, airing on that very day. Stepping into the ol’ time machine…

It had been shortly after our Thursday supper, when my Pop and I had driven off to our small town Michigan’s Mom and Pop grocery store. While he took care of the provisioning, I had wandered off to the 45rpm record display; with one and only one goal in mind.

I just had to snag myself a copy of the rock and roll instrumental, No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach’s In) recorded by the T-Bones. This track had first been used within an Alka Seltzer television ad campaign and, next, minus all of the product hoopla, eventually got transmitted over radio stations, nationwide; in my neck of the woods, this (now) classic blasted out over CKLW Windsor / Detroit’s 50,000 watt energized airwaves.

After dad paid for the groceries and I forked over 98¢ for my new record, we headed for home. Once my Zenith monaural record player had spun my new disc (at least a half a dozen times)…

It was time for my family and I to gather in our living room to set up / decorate our Christmas tree. No sooner had our home taken on a far more festive ambience than my favorite comic strip, Peanuts, the brainchild of cartoonist Charles M. Schulz, came to life via the CBS network’s debut of A Charlie Brown Christmas; all further enhanced and jazzed up by the Vince Guarldi Trio’s, by and large, instrumental soundtrack.

Returning to the here and now, all of my fond recollections are sure to continue playing out, throughout 9 December 2020, especially after tonight’s supper when, just for the symmetry of it all, I plan to rev up my CD player to track thru that vintage T-Bones track, set up my Christmas tree and, to top off the entire evening, pop into the VCR an ancient VHS tape to re-experience Schulz’s animated Christmas masterpiece.

Considering the past year’s events, which we all wish we could forget, memories of life’s simple pleasures do mean so much.

So much more!


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