500+ Follows

500 Follows!


It’s now been 2+ weeks since the WordPress Crew (likely their A-I equivalent) notified me that 500+ of you, who visit and reside within our wonderful WordPress Community, have deemed my content worthy of your precious time; this site worthy of following.

My belated thanks to all! Without you, everything I post would be little more than word documents; read by an audience of (n)one.

My belated apology for my tardiness. My excuse:

I’m neither boastful nor one who pours excessively over analytics that, if taken too seriously, do tend to dehumanize. Rest assured, I’d rather pack it all in and vamoose than to ever view you that way.

Another apology is in order, too. I’ve yet to visit your websites. My excuse:

As a stressed out political blogger I’ve been obsessing, endlessly, to the exclusion of nearly everything else in my “life”, over Donald J. Trump’s slaughtering of humanity and democracy.

His massacre of the body politic, quite literally, hits me where I live. To flesh that out a bit more…

As a sexagenarian, with lifelong respiratory issues, I stand to lose a lot. If SRO hospital ERs forced medicos to triage the gravely ill me, I’d wind up a euthanized, toe-tagged cadaver. That’s why a creepy feeling of dread overwhelms me, each and every time I mask up to go grocery shopping within Donny’s diseased America. It’s at that juncture where / when COVID-19’s 14-day incubation countdown clock gets reset, anew. It’s only after I emerge unscathed at Zero Hour, that can I, once again, breathe a sigh of relief.

And, as of my posting time, there’s a 38-Day Countdown clock, involved, too. It won’t be until January 20, 2021, at 1 minute past High Noon; i.e., once Joe Biden takes his Oath of Office, that I’ll know, for sure, that dog Donny’s bark has been far worse than his bite. Only then, will I be able to breathe freely again.

With all of that virological and ideological shit heaped onto the real America’s “plate”, I’ve been discovering a whole new psychology in play. And that’s helluva lousy way to go thru life.

I do suspect that once the available vaccines start getting administered / prove themselves safe and efficacious AND “Adolf” departs the White House, either of his own volition or dragged out kicking and screeching, that things will start returning to a reasonable level of normal; that I’ll begin reacting to life, accordingly; inclusive of my being a much better WordPress neighbor to you all.

Till then, please be patient with me!

Stay Publicly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!