Warp Speed’s Factors

Let’s weigh the COVID-19 vaccines’ minuses and plusses:

(-) The Trump regime’s, “Operation Warp Speed” nomenclature / branding doth sound a bit reckless. Were we to extend that Sci-Fi metaphor, we’d wind up factoring in our memories of big and small screen Star Trek storylines where that velocity got many a starship crew both IN and OUT of trouble (shall we say) in a hurry?

(-) We also need to factor in how the fake prez is no “Honest Abe”. He has Tweeted / bleated over 20,000 false / misleading statements (on a multitude of issues) since his rise to power AND, right from the get-go, has routinely minimized and politicized the pandemic to prioritize his own interests over everybody else’s.

(+) Dr. Anthony Fauci’s impressive resume. He’s served five other presidents well; namely Reagan, Daddy Bush, Clinton, Sonny Bush and Obama. Even better, during televised White House Coronavirus Task Force TV briefings the good doctor has skillfully and successfully debunked Donny right to his face.

(+) Trump has frittered away much of his life grifting, golfing, pigging out on fat fast food and vegging out / getting off on the accolades puked out by his propaganda ministers. Factoring in his sleeping, “grabbing”, eating and defecating episodes, too, there simply would not have been enough hours left in each day for him to have his sayso re the Scientific Method and specific vaccine components (not that he’d even have an inkling re what to recommend in either respect).

(+) The closest Donny has ever come to donning a white lab coat is when he lumbers down the KKK catwalk, decked out in his supremacist duds; i.e.. his white robe and hood (a.k.a. his dunce cap).

(+) During the vaccine trial period, we’ve heard of no test subjects reporting deleterious side effects that would suggest any Trump “cloning” around; i.e., everyone winding up resembling him; e.g., suffering massive weight gain, reduced IQ, diarrhea of the mouth, garbled speech, snorting / sniffing, etc. There’s been nary a whisper of mental illness, either; e.g., malignant narcissism, psychotic episodes, delusions of grandeur, paranoia, pigheadedness, etc.

(+) The medical professionals are getting the first shots. If the vaccine developers had any serious reservations about safety, they’d have never risked harming the very hospital personnel we need to fight Corona-V.

It’s those above 5 pluses which offer us our much needed glimmer of hope.

However, we must also keep in mind that, at this early stage of the vaccine roll-out, the medical community believes inoculated people can still be COVID-19 carriers / spreaders; hence…

Stay Publicly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!