New Year’s Day “Vacay”

Those of us who blog about… correction… obsess over the state and fate of our homeland and world, in a sense, are akin to caregivers who foster the well-being of an ailing and/or aged family member.

Re either job description, I’m speaking from firsthand experience.

Re either occupation, an occasional respite is advisable. And that’s how I spent my New Year’s Day and the better part of the 2nd.

Even tho the time off did me a world of good, IT had to happen; that IT being the return to reality, namely:

  • Donald J. Trump STILL remains utterly clueless re the myriad of reasons for 81 Million voters opting to say, “You’re FIRED!”; to e.g. just one, his willfully mucking up containment of the deadly coronavirus. I mean, did he really, Really, REALLY expect us to reward him for the (so far) 358,000 people who have needlessly died on HIS watch? My God, this has been averaging 3,000 souls per diem; the equivalent of one 9/11 attack every 24 hours!
  • Trump’s delusional allegation of widespread voter fraud STILL remains unsubstantiated because such corruption only exists within his bloated with corruption head. Even his three Supreme Court Justice appointees (Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett), who he thought he owned, have repeatedly refused to aid and abet HIS repeated attempts to disenfranchise 81 Million voters; HIS subversion of Democracy; HIS treason!
  • Disheartening, too, is how the 74 million voters who failed to re-empower Trump, are STILL in ferocious denial; so much so that these oft armed to the teeth anarchists / would-be terrorists, actually buy into HIS plot to overstay his January 20, 2021 eviction notice; HIS intent to torch our Constitution; HIS goal to burn America down to the ground.
  • As if this weren’t all bad enough already, there’s THAT foul attitude where an inordinate number of my compatriots STILL cannot even begin to fathom ever doing anything for the greater good of humankind; not even simply masking up to prevent the spread of COVID-19. They actually believe everything can remain in that bygone “business as usual” mode; even during a freakin’ deadly pandemic, no less.

Seeing how it’d be ill-timed and ill-advised to let down one’s guard under dire circumstances, such as these, I won’t be scheduling any additional respites anytime soon.

Not knowing, precisely, how all of the above-mentioned, interacting current events will be ending, I’ll now be abruptly ending this post thusly:

The End (!) (?)

As for which of those two punctuation marks will be applicable?

Alas, that’s still TBA.


Stay Publicly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!