No Comeuppance invites the Comeback


It’s now going on forty-eight hours since domestic terrorists attacked my homeland’s capital city; since subversive rampaging assailants targeted a lifelong loved one of mine, namely, Lady Liberty. So, please bear with me if my overwrought feelings of heartache and righteous indignation impair my ability to adequately express myself.

While many of us have been down this road before; most notably during / following the 9/11 attacks and the Martin Luther King and Kennedy assassinations, take it from me, such experiences do little to make coping with this past Wednesday’s revolt any easier.

Even though no PhD’s in Psychiatry and Poli-Sci had been prerequisite for any thinking person to sense the pointless, needless, worthless, four-year-long, undercurrent of Trumpian tensions (all of which had sparked the DC siege), Wednesday’s insurrection had still been shocking / horrifying (and still is). I mean…

Here we had the (in title only) President of the United States of America, no less, utilizing / exploiting / bastardizing his bully pulpit; barking out his marching orders to trigger an assault against the United States of America, no less!

We then witnessed legions of HIS marauding domestic terrorists, cultists all, unconditionally and meticulously dotting every “i” / crossing every “t” of HIS dictates; committing unforgivable, heinous, seditious acts on HIS behalf!

What a crying shame that NEITHER the subversive leader NOR the misled have even the slightest inkling re what America is truly all about; what honest to God patriotism involves. Alas, long sigh, that’s to be expected when each of them has rocks within the cranium and a stone beneath the sternum.

If justice can still prevail, We the People must hold all of these insurrectionists accountable for their attempted coup d’état; punish each and every last damned one of these bastards, to the fullest extent allowed by law; inclusive of the 140 U.S. House Representatives, 12 U.S. Senators and the 1 (and thank God only) Donald J. Trump.

Re that last on the list entity, he must be removed from office, via either the 25th Amendment Section 4 or by Impeachment / Conviction.

As for Trump’s legislative branch co-conspirators, in particular, they, too, must be totally stripped of their power (whilst due process is doing its thing). And, as soon as guilty verdicts are handed down, their punishment should be inclusive of being forever banned from holding / seeking elective office.

Forgiving and forgetting is NOT an option! No comeuppance could only invite a comeback.

About the only good that has come out of this past Wednesday’s failed coup has been twofold:

The heightened awareness of our undying love for America!
The reminder that we must never, again, let down our guard!


Stay Publicly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!